Beside the main project, associates of the Institute of Musicology SASA are involved in a number of additional and external projects. Projects of publishing sources for history of Serbian music (led by Danica Petrović) include publishing complete works of Kornelije Stanković, as well as publishing important recordings of Serbian composers’ oeuvres under the project Archive Awakened in cooperation with Radio Belgrade.

With the support of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia and City of Belgrade Culture Council, associates of the institute are also engaged on the projects of digitalization of the archive sources kept in the institute’s collections (led by Katarina Tomašević, Danka Lajić-Mihajlović and Rastko Jakovljević).

Institute of Musicology is also part of the projects Contemporary Serbian Musical Scene and Recording of CDs and Cassettes within the Fund for Scientific Research of SASA (led by acad. Dejan Despić and acad. Isidora Žebeljan) and by the Department for Stage Art and Music of Matica srpska: Music and Theatre: Modalities of Coexistence in National Practice of Modern Time and Folk music as Representation and Medium of Cultural Identities Negotiation in Vojvodina (led by Katarina Tomašević and Danka Lajić-Mihajlović).

One of the joint bilateral scientific projects between the Serbian and Romanian Academies, Intangible Cultural Heritage in Carpathian Area and Banat – Romania and Serbia – is planned in cooperation between the Institute of Musicology and “Constantin Brailoiu” Institute of Ethnography and Folklore (led by acad. Sabina Ispas and Jelena Jovanović).

EU Cooperation project Quantum Music