The Editorial Board of the peer-reviewed international scientific journal Muzikologija / Musicology published by the Institute of Musicology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts invites contributions for the next two volumes, Nos 20 and 21 (2016). The main themes for both volumes are inspired by recent conferences organised by REEM-BASEES.


For the volume 20, The Board invites proposals on topics dealing with any aspect of the relationship between Music and Empire in different parts of the world. The term ‘Empire’ should be understood in the broadest sense and used to refer both to the actual historical empires and the newer states or alliances which were of empire-like proportions and aspirations and / or characterised by oligarchic rule. Suitable topics include, but are not restricted to the following:


  • the role of music in the formation of small state nationalism in the age of Empire;
  • music as represented in imperial institutions, e.g. Russian Musical Society, Academies of Sciences, Musikvereine in the Habsburg territories etc.;
  • the disciplines of folklore and ethnography and their roles in the creation of imperial ideologies;
  • the musical representation and construction of national / imperial identities, and manifestations of orientalising / exoticising tendencies;
  • the continuation of empire in the twentieth century and its musical consequences;
  • the musical historiography of empire;
  • musical education and its role in establishing and maintaining national and imperial identities;
  • the effects of the decline and dissolution of empires and ‘empires’ on constructed musical identities, ideologies, and official cultural policies in regard of music.


For the volume 21, The Board invites proposals on topics dealing with any aspect of the relationship between Music and Crisis. For this theme, we welcome proposals that deal with any aspects of music and crisis in different geographic and cultural contexts. The aim is to explore the role that music has played at various times of crises (understood either as critical moments of rupture or longer periods of tension), focusing both on the negative implications of such manifestations and the positive exchanges that they may effect. Proposals could address, but do not need to be limited to, some of the following issues:


  • the intersection of music and politics during various periods of political, social and / or cultural crises (i.e. wars; revolutions; national and international conflicts; ethnic, racial, religious and class struggles);
  • personal crises and how these affect musicians’ lives and creativity (i.e. psychological and mental struggles; sexual, spiritual, moral and/or ethical conflicts);
  • artistic crises that lead to stylistic and ideological changes or aesthetic paradigm shifts;
  • economic crises, such as recession, and how they affect music-making in the broadest sense;
  • environmental crises and natural disasters (such as volcanos, earthquakes, storms or landslides), and their effects on personal and collective music-making.


Abstracts of no more than 600 characters (with spaces) and short biographical notes should be sent to as well as to by 15 October 2015. Abstracts will be reviewed and results will be announced by 15 November 2015, and the deadline for submitting the papers will be 15 February 2016. Any enquiries should also be sent to both e-mail addresses given above.


On behalf of the Editorial Board of the journal Musicology / Muzikologija
Dr Jelena Jovanović, Editor-in-Chief




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