“Folk Music of Vranje” Promotion: Photo Gallery

The promotion of the publication “Folk Music of Vranje”, which was organized in collaboration with the Center for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia, was held at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade (Studentski trg 13) on May 14th, 2024 at 18 h.

Participants were:

– Danijela Filipović (Center for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia) – moderator
– Dr. Katarina Tomašević (Institute of Musicology SASA) – publisher
– Dr. Danka Lajić Mihajlović (Institute of Musicology SASA) – reviewer
– Prof. Dr. Dragan Mikić (Association of Vranje Natives in Belgrade)
– Branimir Stošić Kace – interpreter of urban songs from Vranje
– Dr. Marija Dumnić Vilotijević (Institute of Musicology SASA) – author and editor