Library of the Institute of Musicology of the SASA has existed since the foundation of the Institute in 1948 until today.


Space and content wise, the Library consists of three large sections, organized according to basic research topics in the Institute: Church music, Folk music and History of music with general musicology. The section referring to the church music field of expertise comprises copious literature necessary for the study of Orthodox church music. The major part of the book section on folk music comprises published collections from different regions of former Yugoslavia, as well as of other Slav and Balkans nations. The part of Institute library dedicated to books on history of music and general musicology also comprises, besides necessary encyclopaedic, lexicon and dictionary editions, publications on the music history of various nations, primarily European, monographs on composers, studies on aesthetics and theory of music. The Library is amply supplied with publications from legacies by domestic composers and musicologists.


The Library is open to the public and its holdings are used by numerous musicologists, musicians, journalists as well as students, pupils and others interested.